Spend less time searching and more time hiring the right international talent

Emeraldo Seeker smartly connects employers with trusted and relevant recruitment agencies

Emeraldo Seeker helps companies reduce time-to-hire and improve candidate reach by finding ‘perfect-fit’ local recruitment agencies anywhere in the world.

Largest recruiting agencies database in the world - over 120,000 recruitment agencies categorized according to industries and specialization

Comprehensive vetting process for recruitment agencies

Our algorithm matches you with relevant recruitment agencies for your specific needs

Faster Time To Hire

Save up to 3 months of wait time to on-board recruiters.

The Emeraldo team does all the interviewing and negotiating with recruitment agencies for you. All you have to do is input your preferences.


Control Cost

Cost of recruitment agencies vary greatly around the world. From a standard 10% in India to 30% in Japan.

Use Emeraldo Seeker to find the local recruitment agencies that can work within your budget.

Get to top local talent first

Emeraldo’s network includes thousands of specialized local recruitment agencies and headhunters that can provide access to sought after local talent.


How it works?

Create a Seeker request

Create a Seeker request on the platform by letting us know your requirements.

See all the options

See how many potential recruitment agencies match your requirements.

We vet

Emeraldo vets and negotiates a master contract with relevant recruiters for you.

Start recruiting

You choose the right recruiter(s) for you and immediately start recruiting.

How we ensure the quality of the recruiters?

  • Seeker Database - Seeker Engine constantly indexes and categorises all available recruitment agencies around the world to create a large potential database
  • Initial call with recruitment agency owner/CEO - Understand the work process, unique value proposition, business model (~25 questions)
  • References - Interview at least 3 recruiter’s references on topics such as work quality, service level, issues, etc …
  • Success Metrics - Receive input on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This becomes the basis for tracking the on-going performance

Ready to get started?

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