Recruitment Agencies Seeker

Seeker Engine Finds and Connects Employers with Local Recruitment Agencies

Answer a few simple questions about your company’s preferences

Emeraldo finds, vets and negotiates a master contract with relevant recruiters for you

You choose the right recruiter(s) for you and immediately start working

Emeraldo Seeker helps companies reduce time-to-hire and improve candidate reach by finding ‘perfect-fit’ local recruitment agencies anywhere in the world. We index, categorize, review and track to ensure you only work with the very best for you.


Reduce Time To Hire

Companies spend days searching, interviewing and negotiating with recruitment agencies. Double that time if working with a recruitment agency in a different country.

Even then, they have no guarantee of a successful engagement.

Emeraldo Seeker does all the searching, interviewing and negotiating with recruitment agencies for you. All you have to do is input your preferences.


Secure the Best Talent

The best talent is never looking for a job. Knowing when they are open for new opportunities is a matter of weeks and sometimes days. Local, high-quality recruitment agencies develop relationships with these candidates and know exactly when to approach.

Emeraldo finds and connects you with local recruitment agencies and headhunters so you can focus on securing the best talent.


How We Do It


Initial potential partners pool

Seeker Engine™ creates the initial database by indexing and categorizing all available partners

Initial call with owner/CEO

Understand the work process, why they are good, business model (~25 questions)


Interview at least 3 references of the partner on topics such as work quality, service level, issues etc…


Receive input on Key Performance Indicators. This becomes the basis for us to track on-going performance

Are you ready to get started?