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Seeker is a global search engine for local recruitment agencies.
We have indexed, reviewed and worked with recruitment agencies around the globe. Now, we have built an engine that can match your company with the right recruitment agencies immediately.

Why rely on a random recommendation, when you can work with recruiters who match your unique requirements and company culture?

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What is Emeraldo Seeker?

Finding quality recruitment agencies that work well with your company is always a challenge. When you expand your company globally, finding these quality recruitment agencies in a new country is even harder.

Emeraldo Seeker finds you the best local recruitment agencies in any country that match your company’s needs and culture.

How it works

You answer a few simple questions about your company’s preferences regarding recruitment agencies.
Emeraldo screens recruiters, negotiate the master contract and present relevant options for your needs.

You choose the right recruiter(s) for you, let us know specific terms you want and immediately start working (no time wasted negotiating a contract).

Why Our Certified Recruitment Experts are the Best?