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The most comprehensive database of recruitment agencies in the world

Emeraldo Seeker is the world’s largest recruiter database and search engine worldwide.

Advanced recruiter screening - we use big data tools and artificial intelligence to analyse a recruiter’s website and job posts history to determine their expertise.

Time saving ranking model - our algorithms rank recruiters performance over multiple parameters, saving time on recruiters assessment and enabling you to start working quickly.

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Thousands of recruiters. Find those that are right for you


Easy filters.  Search by location, specialization or industry


Quality ranking. Identify the top players for your required position

Professional Services Boosted with AI


Have specific requirements for the recruitment agencies you are looking for?
Our AI algorithms, combined with a services team, will help you find and match the perfect recruitment agency for you.

  • Ensure Quality - The professional services team vets dozens of recruitment agencies on your behalf.
  • Control Cost - Find the local recruitment agencies that can work within your budget.

How we ensure the quality of the recruiters?

  • Seeker Database - Seeker Engine constantly indexes and categorises all available recruitment agencies around the world to create a large potential database
  • Initial call with recruitment agency owner/CEO - Understand the work process, unique value proposition, business model (~25 questions)
  • References - Interview at least 3 recruiter’s references on topics such as work quality, service level, issues, etc …
  • Success Metrics - Receive input on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This becomes the basis for tracking the on-going performance

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