Recruitment Agencies in Germany for International Startups

Many companies and high growth startups find themselves looking for recruitment agencies in Germany to help them find talent in cities like Berlin or Munich. It is, after all, the biggest economy in the European Union and a global hub for certain industries like Automotive or Renewable Energy.

Top talent is always hard to find and with the German market at full employment (3.6% unemployment rate), the competition for talent is fierce. Therefore, recruitment agencies in Germany are one of the best options for hiring the right talent.

The right recruitment agency in Germany will become your true partner in the recruitment process of the right people. It’s consultants will act as extensions of your recruitment department in Germany and help overcome challenges like language, local norms and culture. Therefore, taking the time to find and asses the right match can increase your chances of success.

Finding Recruitment Agencies in Germany

In our experience, the best recruitment agencies are boutique (1-50 people) who specialize in one industry or type of role and recruitment agencies in Germany are no different. These agencies know the market very well, know how to interview candidates and the best ones already hold existing relationships with the top talent in the industry across the country.

So how do you find great boutique agencies?

  1. Google “Recruitment Agencies in Germany”: If you tried to Google German recruitment Agencies and came up short it is most likely because most agencies only hold a German language website. Instead:

-For entry level staff, try searching for “Personalberatung” (Personnel Consultancy) or “Personalberater” (recruitment consultant) or “Personaldienstleister” (recruiter).

-For more senior roles, try searching for “headhunter für führungskräfte” (headhunter for executives). Don’t forget to add the specific specialization you are looking for in German after these search terms.

2. Recruitment Agencies Local Database: ConsultingStar database has many agencies sorted by specialization. There are hundreds of agencies in each category, but this does require time to review each one.

3. Local magazine “best” Recruitment Agency awards: Statista interviewed more than 1,300 HR managers and some 2,000 candidates who had gained relevant experience with HR service providers over the past three years. Here are the top agencies in the category of executive search (a salary above €100,000 annually).

If the process above seems a little complicated or you don’t have enough time for it, we offer a free  service for finding, vetting and matching recruitment agencies for your needs. Get started with Emeraldo.

Interviewing Recruitment Agencies in Germany

When assessing a recruitment agency in Germany, it is important to assess both quality and match to your company’s unique culture and needs.

A few tips about assessing quality:

  • Recruitment Consultant: The manager (who will be conducting the initial call with you) is usually not the consultant who will be handling your account – make sure the consultant can communicate with you in fluent English and is knowledgeable about your specific industry and unique needs.
  • Sourcing Process: Ask about their sourcing and screening process. How will they market your company in such a competitive market and compete for talent with the local companies?
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Ask about their KPIs or how do they measure success. A high quality agency will usually look to build long term relationship and have the metrics to show it.
  • References: Even in a market that values discretion such as Germany, you should ask for references. Preferably, speak with 1-3 of these references and have an open conversation. Most recruitment agencies (including less suitable for you) can provide references. If they cannot, then ask yourself (and them), why?

A few tips about assessing if the recruitment agency in Germany is a good match:

  • Quality, Speed and Cost in Recruitment: Decide what elements in the hiring process are most important to you: quality, speed and/or cost. Make sure to clearly communicate it to the recruiter to ensure you are on the same page and see what action plan the agency proposes that could meet your expansion into Germany timelines.
  • CV Screening: Decide if you prefer the recruiter to take on screening CVs (and send just top 3 CVs) or whether you’d like to screen them on your own. The former usually costs more, but can save you a lot of time. How will you handle CVs in German?
  • Exclusivity: Decide if you are willing to work on exclusive basis or not. Giving exclusivity could help and reduce costs.
Competitive Advantage for Startup Using Recruitment Agencies in Germany

We have heard from the recruitment agencies in Germany that local companies lose out on talent because they don’t move fast enough when a good candidate becomes available. It is important for new players in the German market to understand that the candidates are reaped fast, coming into such market without the proper knowledge, partners and tools could be a time consuming and a costly mistake. This is why we have partnered with local recruitment agencies in Germany and made sure the can help new startup companies to enter Germany with ease when it comes to recruitment.

You could always search on your own, but we already know who are the best and created the engine that can find local recruitment agencies in Germany based on your needs. Best part? It is totally FREE.