Introducing the new Emeraldo Seeker

Have you ever looked for a specialized recruitment agency and thought to yourself – “There must be an easier way to find what I need”?

Our clients have. Constantly. And the problem becomes even greater when trying to look for a recruiter in a foreign country.

That is why, 4 months ago, we embarked on a journey to build the world’s most comprehensive database of recruitment agencies and headhunters.

Beta coming up on November 8th

We are starting to release the database country-by-country just days from now.

Have a country you need to recruit in now? Let us know where and we will prioritize the release schedule to meet the demand of as many users as we can.



How our recruiters database can help you for just $0.00 (yes! FREE)?


Advanced recruiters screening

Easily search for recruiters according to their specializations in both types of industries and roles anywhere in the world.

Why waste weeks on searching and contacting recruitment agencies just to discover they are not specializing in your positions?

Time-saving ranking model

With the new Emeraldo Seeker database what once took hours takes seconds. Instead of wasting hours searching for recommendations and the web, you can instantly access the full cataloged database.

Improve your overall hiring metrics

The database includes thousands of specialized local recruitment agencies and headhunters. These can provide quick access to passive candidates in the local talent market.


Why did we develop it?

As part of our service work to help customers find recruitment agencies in foreign countries, we saw how challenging it is.

Take for example China. To figure out who the best recruiter for a certain specialization, you have a few options:

Google it:

  1. Figure out how a recruiter is called in Chinese, since the websites are in, you know, Chinese.
  2. Figure out the rights terms for the specializations you are looking for. Translations help, but very often the terms are slightly different and not accurately translated. It often takes a lot of trial and error.
  3. Review dozens of websites coming up in the search results to find a few recruiters with no real understanding who is good. That is if you are lucky, and most of the results returned are actually of recruitment agencies and not job posts, blogs or others.

Ask for an intro/recommendation:

  1. Be well connected internationally.
  2. Ask people you know in your target country and hope to get a meaningful recommendation that fits your specific current needs.
  3. Hope you receive enough recommendations to be able to compare between a few recruiters


How does it work?

It is very simple. After you have logged into the system, you can set your criteria for the search:

  • Country: the country where you are looking for the recruiter to be based. For best results – this will also be where you are looking to recruit your talent
  • Specializations: the types of roles you want the recruiter to specialize in (sales roles, legal roles, R&D roles etc….)
  • Industry: your company’s industry – this can help you find recruiters who are experienced in your industry giving a boost to your recruiting process.

And you will immediately see all the recruiters and headhunters in the database that match those criteria.


Behind the scenes

Building the database took a considerable amount of big data processing. First, we identified recruitment agencies websites across the world wide web. Then built advanced algorithms to recognize patterns and process the web pages. After the initial recognition and processing, we had to analyze each website page to catalogue the recruitment agencies for easy searchability.

We continue developing our processes and adding AI/Machine Learning methods to improve the size and quality of out database.


How we calculate the score

We consider many data points to calculate the score. Here are a few of them:

  • Customer reviews on local business ranking websites
  • Candidate reviews
  • Social media presence
  • Year on year growth in financials
  • Website ranking
  • Company size

We then take all the input and create our scores.

You might see changes in the score from time to time. That is the result of our constant work on improving the score and new data we collect.


What’s next?

Post launch, we are going to continue to open up new countries and develop various cool features to help you boost your global recruiting when working with recruitment agencies.

For now, sign up to get notified when your country of interest is released.