Headhunters in Mexico – how to find your next tech talent

Are you looking to use recruiters and headhunters in Mexico to find tech talent?  

Then you are in the right place.

It is no secret that Mexico’s tech scene has rapidly developed in the last few years.

What started as an outsourcing hub for cheap labor has grown to be the third-largest exporter country worldwide of IT (World bank 2017).

Some of the largest US tech companies have R&D centers in Mexico (Amazon, Facebook, Oracle, IBM, Intel, HP, Dell and Gameloft to name a few).

But with such large companies with nearly unlimited resources competing for talent – how can your company stand out?

Find and use a headhunter in Mexico

Using a top local headhunter in Mexico can significantly increase your chances of securing the right talent.

Headhunters don’t only source the talent for you. For that you can simply use a job board. 

They perform a much more valuable service:

  • Take the time to understand which talent is right for your company.
  • They are advocates for your company and of your brand.
  • They bridge the cultural differences.

So how do you find the top recruiters and headhunters in Mexico? and more importantly, how do you find the right ones for your company?

The simplest way would be to use our free product that already did the hard work of searching the web. Find headhunters in Mexico with Emeraldo Seeker.

Alternatively, here are the steps to do it yourself:

Create a short-list of potential headhunters

  1. Google “head hunter mexico”: If you tried to Google ”head hunter mexico” or “Mexico headhunters” and came up short it is most likely because most agencies only hold a Spanish language website. Instead:
    • For entry-level staff, try searching for “empresas de selección” (selection companies) or “selección de personal” (personal selection) or “reclutadores” (recruiters).
    • For more senior roles, try searching for “los cazatalentos” (headhunters). Don’t forget to add the specific specialization you are looking for in Mexico after these search terms.
  1. Recruitment Agencies Local Database:
    • Infoisinfo is a local website with the largest directory of companies in Mexico. Those include over 1,200 recruiters and headhunters in Mexico.
    • Seccion Amarilla is another local directory of service providers in Mexico with over 174 recruiters and headhunters in the federal district of Mexico
    • Mexico Headhunters is a list of executive headhunters

Assessing quality

You want to make sure you are not wasting your time working with someone who won’t be able to deliver. Therefore, we recommend asking the potential headhunters questions about the following:

  • Specialization.
  • Typical customers (size and industry).
  • Sourcing and screening process.
  • Candidate interview process.
  • Typical timelines for the process.
  • Way of communication with employers.
  • Past successful placements.
  • How they measure success.
  • Their input on the position you want to recruit – challenges they see.
  • Guarantee (both period and who will handle the recruiting in case it is invoked).


We also always recommend asking for at least 3 references and understanding their experience in working with the recruiter.

Securing the talent

We have spoken with 3 headhunters in Mexico to get their point of view of how a small company can be competitive and snag the best talent.

Here are their tips:

  1. Communicate the overall vision of the project

Nothing gets people more excited than working on something they believe in. It does not matter if they only do a small part of it.

Companies that do well in this market, even when they can’t pay a high salary, are companies that “sold” the project and the vision to the employee.

  1. Have a clear career path for the candidate

The % of millennials is growing among the current tech talent pool in Mexico. They, just like millennials in the US, are very focused on their own career progression. Showing a clear progression path to the candidate can make a big difference to a candidate that has multiple offers.

  1. Provide a very attractive benefits package

The local startups are now providing the following benefits: flex time, private medical services, free food, training, team outings, games and more.

  1. Move fast

This is not unique to Mexico and always helps in a competitive market. Candidates typically start interviewing simultaneously for several companies. The fast you move, the more chances you have of being the first to give an offer.


With the growth in popularity of Mexico as a tech hub destination, finding and securing talent is becoming more competitive.

Recruiters and headhunters are a great choice for companies looking for skilled talent.

When it comes to finding the right recruiters and headhunters in Mexico that can match your company’s needs, you might need to invest some time reviewing and interviewing many agencies.

For companies that want the best local recruiters now, we offer a free product for finding, vetting and matching recruitment agencies for your needs: Get started with Emeraldo Seeker.