Global Expansion Platform

Global expansion platform that uses advanced technology to reduce the cost of consulting services whilst maintaining the local know-how through our expert partners

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Operation Setup
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The Emeraldo software platform is the first digital solution to help you plan and manage expanding to a new country.

After you input details about your specific needs, the platform creates a country specific customized plan divided into mandatory, local norms and "nice to have" tasks. For every decision you will need to make, you can find helpful information within the platform. When it is time to set up the operations, you will receive quotes and select local service providers with just a few clicks.

Our platform helps you quickly and easily set up everything you need in order to employ abroad


Expansion Plan

Easily create a personalized plan with prepopulated, country specific task list

Local Norms Insight

Learn how others set up locally and get compensation, benefits and hiring cost benchmarks

Local Providers

Compare quotes and engage with certified local recruitment agencies, lawyers, benefits and payroll providers


Step by step guidelines on how to engage a local contractor

Cost Estimation

Estimate the total cost of employing in a specific country

Mandatory Reporting
Review regulatory reporting requirements for on-boarding employees and employing locally

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