Grow International Teams with Confidence

All Employment Information and Local Experts in One Simple Online Platform


Emeraldo empowers HR leaders with the tools to build and grow international teams, driving faster growth with lower risk. Emeraldo combines information, country specific workflow tools and local experts to give you the peace of mind so you can focus on what’s truly important - hiring the right talent to support your growth.

What would you like to do?

Ensure compliance when operating in a new country

Hire local employees in a new country

Keep cost down when hiring in a new country


Get the peace of mind when expanding

Setting up operation and employing in a new country requires in-depth local knowledge to avoid costly mistakes.

Emeraldo enables you to create a personalized action plan with pre-populated information about local laws and common practice.



Mandatory reporting | Contractor laws | Local employment norms

Hire local employees

Attracting talent in a new country without a well known brand name is always a challenge.

Emeraldo gives you the tools to ensure you are offering a competitive compensation package and access to the best local recruitment agencies to advocate your company.



Employee benefits benchmarks | Local salary survey | Local recruitment agencies


Keep cost down when entering a new country

Costs stack up when entering a new country.

Using Emeraldo enables you to reduce costs by:

  • Avoiding inflated consultant costs
  • Compare competitive quotes from cost-effective local service providers
  • Use benchmarks to ensure you spend wisely



Local provider quotes | Benchmarks | Total cost estimator

Maximum exposure to non-compliance government fines; Avoid these by using Emeraldo
Faster time to hire by using local recruitment experts and providing a competitive package
Decrease in average overall cost of expansion
What Do People Say?

I used the platform and I was blown away. The layout, the type of information the ease of use (wow).
I can tell you from recent experience with a new Italian employee that it has taken us WEEKS to understand what we need to do in Italy and how. Paying lawyers, speaking to so many consultancies and we are still not up and running.

-VP HR, the UK’s leading transportation app, United Kingdom

Emeraldo saved us weeks of trial and error in finding the right recruiting agencies in Brazil and Russia.
Through Emeraldo we were also able to understand what are competitive salaries in the region.

-VP HR, Edtech, Australia

We had one month to set-up our entire operation in the USA. With Emeraldo I was able to make sure we are 100% compliant with local laws and regulation.

-CFO, Biotech company, Israel